Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cricket World Cup schedule - with times

Just over three months before the start of the tournament, the starting times for the ICC Cricket World Cup have suddenly appeared. (I would say they've been announced but I just happened to stumble upon them.)

To help myself miss as little cricket as possible, I've made an overview of the dates and times of not just of this tournament, but all matches I might possibly want to watch. So now I've been able to fill in the World Cup ones - and then do the conversion to time zones in the civilised world.

It's a bit rough and ready, but I think it's useful. Don't judge me on spelling, most of it is copy/paste!

The three times are local, GMT and CET (for the final the last two are technically BST and CEST). Blue dates start while it's still the day before in Europe.

Edit: Click the pictures to embiggen.

These are the finals stages, comprised of four quarters, two semis and the final. The latter will take place just as the clocks are springing forward in Europe, so I hope I got the time right. In any case, you can only blame me for being up early, not for missing an hour of play.