Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'm doing fine

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So for the last couple of days I've been complaining about how slow my internet connection was. I also tweeted my provider about it. Messages went back and forth a few times and today somebody called me back.

It turns out that everything was fine except for one small thing. There was a program causing an awful lot of traffic and it was one I didn't suspect at all. I wasn't downloading anything, so it couldn't by the torrent program I use - but it was.

It was a bit strange when the customer support tech asked me if I downloaded stuff. Should I 'fess up' to something like that? I decided to be honest that I did use a torrent client, he could probably tell anyway - and it turned out to be the solution.

My ISP is actually one of the few in The Netherlands that do not block The Pirate Bay. Probably because they're not one of the major providers, but I get the impression they're actually quite happy to fly under the "internet police'" radar.

In my effort to be a good citizen of the internet, I'd foolishly set the upload speed to 'unlimited' and this, what seemed like only a, trickle of traffic compared to the download speeds I've sometimes achieved here, clogged up my entire computer.

Not nice, especially since I've taken a day off sick today, so am in more need of entertainment than ever. Having adjusted the settings everything is running fine again.

Yesterday I went to work even though I'd thrown up and was having big headaches, thinking I could work through it. But this morning they hadn't gone, so now I'm giving myself some time to rest. Not too much though, nose will be applied to grindstone again tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll be alright. If nothing else, I have three weeks off booked for the week after next.


Afterwards, the support guy actually DM-ed me a link to a better torrent client, but I think I've got it sussed now, there's a helpful link in the settings that I've never read before, that tells you to be aware of the upload speed you allow and how to figure out which is the optimum.

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