Monday, 26 December 2011

rational recovery

My best friend, K., handed me this book this afternoon, called Rational Recovery. The New Cure for Substance Addiction and I read a LOT of it straight through. It sounds very tempting and he has the book, so he is at least thinking about doing something, which is a good thing. As opposed to AA, Rational Recovery (RR) puts the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the addict. Given as we don't believe in any higher powers, Best Friend was never going to respond well to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Does anyone know about this? Is it any good?

My big fear is that, although he's read about it, he doesn't understand or doesn't really want to apply what he's read. I had a little 'discussion' with him after he said he wanted to quit in January. He kept coming up with reasons why he wouldn't quit now and I kept asking "Who is telling me this?"

I don't go out with him anymore, I don't give him any money (his ex already controls his finances and has him on an allowance), but I love him and you can't shut that off. He did kick his painkiller addiction, but as I've always said, that was really only a physical dependency (I say only...), the real problem is alcohol. And I worry for him.

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