Monday, 31 October 2011

a Doctor Who bonanza

This is a little treasure trove of Doctor Who videos from a little while back, commemorating the departures of David Tennant and Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner from the show. First off, here's The Ballad of Russell and Julie:

Don't worry, Russell, I've been having dirty thoughts about Midshipman Frame too and I've managed to keep on functioning - o wait...

And here's David Tennant as himself, amongst the cast and crew and together with his musical heroes the Proclaimers:

Found here, with thanks to @scandalwomen.

See What A Mo Can Do

Of course the slogan does not refer to what I first imagined, as Joe.My.God and his tipster Bill knew only too well. But did the makers of this campaign? I'm giving the benefit of the doubt.

I would probably sooner grow a 'tache than sport a pink ribbon, but mostly I'm concerned any form of cancer gets more "popular" than others. And neither breast cancer nor prostate cancer are the real killers that the word cancer evokes. Scores of men die with prostate cancer rather than from it.

Mostly I'm glad all communications specifically ask men to grow moustaches. I have, touch wood, been blessed with a pristine upper lip.


Die, Ron Weasley, die!

No, really, I love that character. *cough*not*cough* What could a smart girl like Hermione ever see in him?

This is, apparently, JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe talking in a leaked interview for the extras of the last Harry Potter DVD. Which means I've now seen one more minute from that than I ever imagined. (I have seen a few of the earlier movies, but they've all felt rather flat to me.)

She hasn't evaded dark subjects before, I think she could've killed off Ron.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

book him, Danno!

The final episode of season one of the new series of Hawaii Five-O is on Dutch TV tonight.

I admit, I've already seen it. I started watching the remake series out of curiosity, but I've grown quite fond of it. So when my compatriots see the big finale, I'll be watching an episode from the second series.

As you may have figured out by now, this whole post was just an excuse to use the title.

I have an earworm

And it's Martha Wainwright singing Barbara's Dis, Quand Reviendras-Tu?

I may have blogged about this before, but that song just haunts me some days (or weeks). And sometimes its just a friendly companion.

Here's the original version by Barbara. Not too shabby either! Below are the lyrics to the original, Martha - like her brother Rufus - has a tendency to muddle the words a bit, although her French is much betther than Rufus'!

Voilà combien de jours, voilà combien de nuits,
Voilà combien de temps que tu es reparti,
Tu m'as dit cette fois, c'est le dernier voyage,
Pour nos cœurs déchirés, c'est le dernier naufrage,
Au printemps, tu verras, je serai de retour,
Le printemps, c'est joli pour se parler d'amour,
Nous irons voir ensemble les jardins refleuris,
Et déambulerons dans les rues de Paris,

Dis, quand reviendras-tu,
Dis, au moins le sais-tu,
Que tout le temps qui passe,
Ne se rattrape guère,
Que tout le temps perdu,
Ne se rattrape plus,

Le printemps s'est enfui depuis longtemps déjà,
Craquent les feuilles mortes, brûlent les feux de bois,
A voir Paris si beau dans cette fin d'automne,
Soudain je m'alanguis, je rêve, je frissonne,
Je tangue, je chavire, et comme la rengaine,
Je vais, je viens, je vire, je me tourne, je me traîne,
Ton image me hante, je te parle tout bas,
Et j'ai le mal d'amour, et j'ai le mal de toi,

Dis, quand reviendras-tu,
Dis, au moins le sais-tu,
Que tout le temps qui passe,
Ne se rattrape guère,
Que tout le temps perdu,
Ne se rattrape plus,

J'ai beau t'aimer encore, j'ai beau t'aimer toujours,
J'ai beau n'aimer que toi, j'ai beau t'aimer d'amour,
Si tu ne comprends pas qu'il te faut revenir,
Je ferai de nous deux mes plus beaux souvenirs,
Je reprendrai la route, le monde m'émerveille,
J'irai me réchauffer à un autre soleil,
Je ne suis pas de celles qui meurent de chagrin,
Je n'ai pas la vertu des femmes de marins,

Dis, quand reviendras-tu,
Dis, au moins le sais-tu,
Que tout le temps qui passe,
Ne se rattrape guère,
Que tout le temps perdu,
Ne se rattrape plus...

And what a coincidence, one of my favourite Twitter followees just said:
"Everyone needs some Martha Wainwright in their life - this is a cracker. "You cheated me"

Monday, 24 October 2011

One day...

One day I set out to write a story. It wasn't a very unusual day; by the very virtue of me having started a story it was in fact a rather common sort of day.

I often daydream about writing stories, it would be better if I daydreamt about the stories themselves.

Why should I write a story anyway? Here I am, fat, middle-aged (forty next year is middle-aged, whether people want to accept it or not - I have no real problem with it), in a low leveloffice job (comparable to a lance corporal in a very 'Jones the butcher' kind of way) and have I ever really done anything?

I've always been the one on the river's edge, too shy, too socially inept, too insecure to take the plunge. At best I've waded out into a shallow pool that had formed away from the raging torrent of life, but never further than the knees.

My nights are filled with TV and social media, never enough reading, little to no writing.

I'm a great starter, though. The apartment is littered with notebooks, purpose-bought for that one big story that was burning at the tips of my fingers. Sometimes I'd abondon that one and start another. Sometimes it would turn into a collection of sad, neglected ideas; this very book (started as a diary) contains several of those too.

There's a wonderful idea for a Doctor Who episode a few pages back. I really should pick that up again. In fact, now that I have a computer again, I may do just that.

On this day, which was like so many others, I opened a notebook, took out a black fine liner pen (Stabilo are my favourites, so if I ever make it big, please send me a box), looked at the empty page (A6 size on purpose, so the white expanse doesn't seem too threatening - plus I can tell myself I've filled two-and-a-half pages already) and just started to write...