Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Let's Kill Hitler

Doctor Who? Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor

Oh, I love a good yarn, me. The current Doctor Who series kicks off again on August 27th with the first episode of the second half of the season, entitled "Let's Kill Hitler". Planet Gallifrey notes that the show starts at 7:10 PM UK time. I expect there'll be a date scheduled for BBC America around that time too.

Which might come in handy for K., who is in detox in Amsterdam at the moment. No rehab facility would have him because he was also - and quite legitimately - hooked on painkillers. It was only a very low dose, but apparently it doesn't take much oxycontin to make withdrawal a real bitch.

Anyway, after several false starts at clinics that ended up not wanting to care for him after all - and a couple of months' worth of weekend drunksitting to make sure he didn't accidentally kill himself by falling or forgetting he'd already taken that pill - his ex received a phone call Thursday two weeks ago that K. had a little over an hour to report to this place.

It's brand new and looks a lot like a Scandinavian design hotel. If you ignore the lock on the ward door and the fact that even the tiniest windows don't open. The other eight or nine people there are all return visitors, coming in up to four times a year and seemingly treating it like a vacation.

So when a friendly masseur stopped by, outside of visiting hours and with portable table in tow, questions were asked. And when they found out that K. is scheduled to go on from there to a rehab resort on Curacao, there was a certain amount of grumbling.

The sad thing is that what sets him apart from the rest is his education. Most of the people in there haven't enjoyed half the amount that he has. (He is probably smarter than most of the staff too.)

Not the easiest to get along with at the best of times, K. also isn't great with confined spaces, even quite spacious ones, he's slowly being taken off the drugs that lessen the effects of withdrawal and he's been having some dreams confronting him with less happy times in his past. Which makes him all rather impatient with people.

But on the up side, he should be able to watch BBC America, especially Doctor Who, one of the many interests we share.

Check out the BBC Doctor Who site for more news and trailers.

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