Monday, 5 April 2010

Lousy drunk

Thank goodness for Easter Mondays off work. Even though I'm actually feeling fine, it's good to be able to take it easy after last night.

Church was good, we had a visiting minister from the States who made some interesting points and left with an open ending. UUs like it when a church meeting makes you think.

Afterwards I went out with the president, vice president, the visiting minister, his wife, the lady they've been staying with, her boyfriend and their son for dinner and a few drinks. We ended up forgetting about dinner and just having snacks - and quite a few drinks. During the service the minister's host had mentioned that this was the first time her son had attended a UU service. A little later he got up to light a candle too, starting with: "I am the son." It was Easter...

It was so much fun just hanging out and joking. The minister's wife was a revelation, so funny and quite a bit naughty. She learned a few words of Dutch and immediately applied them to the bartender. Indeed he was quite a "mooi lekker ding". Their hosts left, but the son - quite the dish himself - stayed. He's a mix of Dutch, US and Mexican and he's in real estate. If Lynette hadn't already found her dream home, he might have been the man to talk to. Although he's further north than where she is going (there's about a seventeeen hour drive between them, he thinks).

She also told us how she got stopped on the Canadian border once, at the start of a trip around the US and Canada. Ladies will know there's always a compartiment in your purse that you never really know, I'm sure there are equivalents for men too. Well, they found a roach, not even this big (indicating a quarter of an inch) that she had completely forgotten about in that compartiment that you never use. I believe the irony of an American trying to smuggle something like that into Canada didn't escape them.

I can't temember how the conversation turned on to the subject of bathroom vending machines, but apparently the men's room sells breath mints and condoms, while the ladies sells breath mints and miniature toothbrushes. So the son suddenly holds up The packet of condoms he's bought in ther and I guess it wasnly fair that I came clean and showed the toothbrush. The latter come in a little plastic tube that also contains a tiny tube of toothpaste.

We were quite rowdy and our bartender didn't wa t to believe we'd just (okay, I told him around 10 PM, time went by so fast) come from church and he seemed fascinated by the mixed composition of our group. Not something I'm too surprised at, older UUs seem amazingly 'with it'.

The minister and I exchanged ideas on iPhone apps, his wife convinced me that there are situations in which you might want to buy an iPad, plus her mind is almost as dirty as mine.

At eleven thirty it seemed as everyone suddenly started thinking of getting home. I thought about crashing at K's, but he was probably comatose by then and I don't have my keys to his place anymore since he lost his.

They all walked to the tram stop next to the Westertoren with me - the minister's wife saying how she'd been to the pink triangle, the gay monument across the street - and waited for me to catch one.

I wasn't drunk enough to get into any real trouble, but I was operating a pair of crutches to keep my plantar fasciitis down (did I mention it's been acting up again?) and if it seems to you that crutches might help stabilise the intoxicated, you're wrong.

I got home, took a happy pill and started getting ready for bed and what happened? Out it all came. Usually you're not supposed to just take your meds again, but this time there was no chance of a double dosage.

Back to work tomorrow, but only for three days and the it's off to the EUU retreat. Damn!

Had to wash my hair and get out of the bath there, I heard the starting music of University Challenge.

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Willym said...

Okay I am grinning from ear to ear over this one. You don't post for a while and then you go all wild on us.

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