Sunday, 25 April 2010


Here are a few - more and less - traditional haiku that I've written recently. Most English haiku are written in seventeen syllables (divided into phrases of five, seven and five) or in a free style, but still very short. These poems ar then often printed on three lines.

As you can see, I do not like the presentation in three separate lines, I feel the structure should be evident from the poem - which has made me very reluctant to share my flawed attempts - and I prefer to stick to certain traditional forms

But anyway, here goes nothing:

Ancient tree
A pile of timber, or a living monument to eternity?

Above the Rhine
Misty, viny slopes rolling voluptuously; I can almost reach.

Pink sky
Candyfloss floats: it's lighter than the colours of a spring sunrise.

Duck on a bus-stop: is nature's time-table screwed up too?

However, in trying to apply myself more and more to the art, I've found that I'm much more in my element in a category called senryu: (darkly) humorous poems with the same structure as haiku, but concentrating more on human nature rather than just nature. I don't know if there's a name for :

Without sunglasses, looking out of train windows is such a headache.

Important advice to those with long toenails: don't cut to the quick.

My foot!
There will be a day when plantar fasciitis is eradicated.

Here's a quick diversion into a different structure (5-3-5 instead of 5-7-5):

World hunger must end! Honestly, I didn't eat that much...

And finally one for the internet age. For clarity's sake this one is presented over three lines, internet-speak has rather weak grammar...:

For the win!
A/S/L... LMAO!

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wow..i like those a lot..i never got it..and couldn't write a haiku if i had to..but i do know what i like...especially the journey.