Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Is the BBC trying to tell us something? Are they preparing us for another return of The Master? He's only just died, saving The Doctor's life in the grand finale of the Christmas special...

Now this Thursday, thanks to the programmers of BBC 1 and BBC 2, I plan to watch Masterchef, followed by Mastermind, then a brief interlude for QI and finally capped by Mastercrafts. They're doing stained glass this episode, even better (I think) than thatching and blacksmithing.

I took some pictures of the polling station as I was waiting in line for the local council elections, but I was trying to do it surreptitiously (the photography, not voting) and they didn't come out too well. It's in the chapel of a no longer existing monastery. After that it was used as a tannery or some such industry and then well into the twentieth century as the town pawn shop.

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