Saturday, 5 December 2009

for the environment

Setting the dryer on my washing machine to the shortest setting and drying the laundry the rest of the way by using every inch of radiator surface doesn't just help the environment, it makes my house smell nice at the same time.

(I could turn the dryer off completely, but then the clothes would be dripping all over my floors. The heating is on anyway, of course.)

One of the three bulbs on my living room ceiling has died and I haven't replaced it. Not because I'm lazy or cheap (I am both, though), but because it's better for Mother Nature. The same goes to one of the halogen spots in the bathroom - although in that case it kept cutting out by itself and I may have killed it trying to fix it...

Now I have to run because in the few minutes they've been on, some of the fabrics have been getting pretty hot.

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