Sunday, 13 December 2009

Busy day

Filled with politics and culture. This morning I watched the Andrew Marr show on the BBC and I just now finished watching Peer Gynt: lots of man-on-man dancing - yum!

Then it was straight into the noon news bulletin (our environment minister has left for Kopenhagen by train) and the Dutch politics show Buitenhof. After that I'll have twenty minutes before a registration of Don Carlo. I may check out this program listed as "Jewish Comedy Café", which falls almost perfectly into the gap. (Note to self: re-read Schiller.)

Another thirty minutes or so after the Verdi, Britten's Albert Herring starts. To be honest I don't really know anything about this one, I'll just have to wait and see whether I like it. Which is not a bad thing.

In between - and during, knowing my restlesness - I shall be blogging, surfing, reading, downloading e-books, copying Christmas carol lyrics, singing, crocheting, writing and just walking around for no apparent reason. When people will ask me tomorrow what I've done, I'll say "nothing".

I'm usually very busy doing nothing.

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