Sunday, 11 October 2009

High heels and pills

This is such a drag. I've spent most of my time since Friday night either sitting in this chair or in bed and my foot still hurt like hell when I got up this morning. That's what you get for having plantar fasciitis, rest doesn't stop the pain, it's at its most painful during the first steps.

The tech who measured me for special inlays for my shoes (I'm picking them up this Wednesday) was a lot more conclusive than the doctor. She poked the painful spot straightaway - and with enough force to make me jump - and asked "Did your doctor really say it was a heel spur?" So I'm sticking to her diagnosis. The treatment, such as it is, is the same anyway: inlays are the fisrt option, the pain of shots of anti-inflammatory drugs is said to be so great that it's not an option and surgery isn't very succesful.

Since the doctor also sounded very sceptical of my use of anti-depressants (she only gave me a scrip for three months and made me promise to think about my continued use) I wasn't sure about her assessment of the anti-inflammatory shot, but wikipedia does say the same. Still, a short burst of intense pain might weigh up favourably to the continued pain of the fasciitis for some people.

For myself, mostly it's been getting better and times like this morning are the exception. I've started wearing high heeled shoes on a regular basis, to take the weight off my heels and onto my front feet. I had to learn how to walk in them at age 36!

I've also decided to do stretching excercises, both on the tendon in my foot and the calf muscle. This might help against the pain. Obviously in my rush to get to the bathroom this morning, in forgot.

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sageweb said...

I have had surgery on both thing I ever had...the orthotics or any of the gimics never worked for me.