Monday, 12 October 2009

A change of scenery

Isn't autumn, or fall if you prefer, a wonderful season? A few weeks ago it started to get a bit nippy in the mornings. Then came the annual conker-dodge (I must admit to admiring the wonderful dull thud when one lands), combined with high winds for extra excitement. To top it off we've now had a couple of weekends (it would be weekends, wouldn't it?) of torrential rains.

The water reached the bottom of the canoe-route shield on the far wall of the canal on Saturday. The sign was put up in May but I haven't seen a canoe all summer. Possibly the fact that the sign tells them to get out and carry the thing because the bridge is too low - something they should be able to figure out even without the rainfall narrowing the gap even further - has deterred them.

It's a lot quieter on the streets, too. Oh the joys of living in a town where spring is heralded not by birds or flowers, but by the shutters of Japanese cameras... The street now looks almost the way it did when I moved in eleven months ago. The only difference is a few more leaves on the trees.


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What's a conker?

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