Saturday, 19 September 2009

Welcome to my living room

That's where you'll find me for at least most of today. I've got a nasty cough and I'm feeling quite sorry for myself. It feels like I have a fever, but the thermometer says otherwise. Witness for the Prosecution has just started, so I'll be in my comfy chair all day, wearing my pajamas, with the old iPhone, remote control and scarf I'm crocheting close to hand. The new series of Merlin starts today, too.


Stash said...

Hope everything's ok there on your side of the pond.

I love Witness for the Prosecution. Marlene D is a goddess.

BTW you might want to enable comment moderation so spammers like Andry don't slip through the cracks. ;)

SubtleKnife said...

He's gone. Just lazy moderating on my part.

It's great here, we're having a very mild fall so far. I did almost get hit by a falling conker, though, I still haven't blogged about it.

That's pretty much the red thread, lots of stuff I want to tell but haven't had the chance/time/inclination. You'd think it'd be easier with mobile internet.

SubtleKnife said...

(Traffic here isn't such that I have to screen posts beforehand. I just kill 'em when I find them.)