Sunday, 2 August 2009


I'm at K's, having just had farewell lunch with P. M and P's gorgeous Brazilian friend were there too. Saying goodbye... it wasn't easy, but I think I'm at peace with it. I'm feeling pretty serene at the moment. Or perhaps it's a relative feeling because the rest of this city is still suffering from the hangover from Gay Pride.

K wasn't at the lunch, which was just down the street from his place. I woke him when I got their text message saying lunch was on, but he said he was too tired. He was out partying until eleven last night - which is quite late for someone who often falls asleep at seven - and then talking to people in the US. He was chatting with his mother until 2.30 AM.

After K said he was too tired I took a shower - the bathroom in his apartment can only be reached through his bedroom - but I forgot to bring the clothes I wanted to put on today. So after the shower I put my pajamas back on and fetched them. By the time I got back, K was in the bath.

Fortunately neither one of us is shy around the other...

Here's another great blog I found on the NY Times website, Maira Kaiman's And the Pursuit of Happiness. I adore the text and the pictures, it's so rich! Have a look, I know you'll enjoy it. It also matches my current mood perfectly.

That reminds me that there are at least two projects for the coming weekend(s) that I want to drag, sorry take people to: the Hermitage in Amsterdam and the Complete Rembrandt exhibition.

PS. Canal Parade part 2 - with pictures - will follow when I get home and am able to post the pictures properly. Blogger won't let me upload from the iPhone, probably because they're too large.

PPS. When I started writing this, K was on the sofa, reading. Now he's asleep with the book splayed out on his chest.

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