Monday, 10 August 2009

The good Samaritan

After what happened this weekend nobody can ever again accusing me of not doing selfless things for other people.

This Saturday I was walking to the station to catch the train to Amsterdam to see K and A, when I found a season ticket to Ajax lying in the middle of the pavement. Like most of these things nowadays, it's a credit-card type thing.

I checked the name on the back, but couldn't make out the same name on any of the nearby doors. However a quick search on the ol'iPhone told me that they were playing at home to RKC that night. At home means in Amsterdam.

So I headed towards the station again - I still managed to miss my preferred train - and searched the phone book online. There was only one listing under that surname, so I tried it and left a message on the answerphone. I was hoping that I'd find a cell phone number, so that I could arrange to hand the ticket over before the match...

The next thing I heard was Sunday evening, when the mother of this guy called me, saying she'd like to come pick it up. So we arranged for her to stop by tonight. Apparently her son was at the match, or rather he was at the stadium, unable to get in. She brought me a small bouquet as a thank-you.

Why is all this so remarkable? I am a Feyenoord supporter. Ajax are our arch-enemy. Yet I hardly even entertained the idea of snapping the thing and throwing it in some bin... ;-)

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tankmontreal said...

Someday, somehow, you'll be rewarded for this random act of kindness, if you haven't already been. Good on ye!