Thursday, 27 August 2009

Did I mention?

That Ilse is absolutely a-fucking-dorable? ('scuse French)

Not even two days old but what a gorgeous baby. Yes I'm prejudiced, but I don't usually think very young infants look good. And this one does.

For now she has a crib on her parents' bedroom, but the nursery has been customized with lots of pictures of kikker (literally frog), a children's book character her mother loves.

Dad had pictures printed on the curtains and bedlinen, there are stuffed toys of just about every one of kikker's friends in the books. Her father has taken the music box and drawstring from a regular little bear and put it inside a kikker toy. It plays Somewhere Over The Rainbow, which - thankfully has given me some reprieve from Any Dream Will Do.

He has even taken off the figures from the mobile over the play pen in the living room and replaced them with kikker figures. But the pièce de résistance is the alphabet sampler that my sister-in-law cross-stitched, with a kikker incorporated into every letter, which hsngs framed over the commode. It's probably 50 centimeters wide by 70 high.

I bought her a little winter jacket to grow into and a soft tabby kitten toy. It feels like fabric but it is plastic, which - to my inexperienced mind - makes it quite practical around the droolly little monsters.

Not that Ilse drooled, no sir. She wasn't very awake either, but at least she was drool-free. And so tiny. She must get that from her mum's side, on our side the babies were all monsters. My little sister was 4100 grams (9 lbs).

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Willym said...

Glad to hear that Ilse is doing fine and you must take pictures of her... and that room. It sounds like a piece of art!