Saturday, 8 August 2009

catching up

Good evening and welcome from a sunny (slightly watery sunshine) Amsterdam. I've just installed myself behind K's computer and I'm watching Slumdog Millionaire. Unfortunately K and our friend A from Denmark (via Geneva) are not here yet, dear old Ellen (that's his car, for the inattentive) has had a bit of a crisis. Her top wouldn't come up anymore (I think he said up, they were at a car-wash when it happened, so that would make most sense) and she was making awful noises. So let's take some time to catch up with my week:

I'm still pretty full from last night, so I'm happy to take it easy. The whole team from work went to an all-you-can eat Asian buffet restaurant and although I started out slowly - the sushi was good, although there was no tuna, mostly salmon, squid and shrimp, but then there was the sateh, the spicy fish dish, the dark beef, the sweet and sour pork - I only had a little bit of everything, but suffice to say in the end I was stuffed.

During the dinner I realised I had missed a couple of phone calls (I was taking breaks between loading up plates, of course) and it turned out to be K, telling me he was buying his ex, R, a new computer and would I like his old one that R has been using? Considering the age of my old computer, it wasn't a difficult decision.

Then I felt a great stab in my chest. Fortunately it turned out to be the underwire from my bra, which had snapped. I survived with a minor scratch. On the breast, though, but hey, I don't mind a little kink anyway. ;-) Actually, the whole thing seems to fit better now I've removed the wires.

My direct boss has been on holiday for three weeks, but she'll be back at work on Monday and she did come to the dinner; and dropped me off at a train station afterwards. On the way she was telling me about a strange text message that she had received, from a number she nor her telephone recognised. When we stopped at the station she showed it to me:

Heyy darling, I've almost got you and when I do, I won't be letting you go for a while. I'll tease you for a couple of days, but I am sure that I'll will get you into bed after that. I will give you some very hot nights, making you sweat like never before. Love, The Mexican 'Flu

"We could just dial back," I suggested. So here we were, giggling in her car like a couple of teenagers, listening to someone pick up the phone and say "Hello? [boss' name]?" just before we hung up. I didn't recognise the voice and she didn't either. But obviously it was someone who knew her, had her number in his phone and had kids (we heard them in the background). Then she got another text message, asking "Have you lost my number already? [name]" It turned out to be a former colleague of hers, who had left the company entirely a few months ago.

I just took some blood pressure readings on the machine I bought - and promptly leant to K who was diagnosed with extreme high rather than my just high blood pressure. My readings at the blood bank were probably down to nerves, because I just measured 124 over 71, baby! Now all I have to do is learn to relax enough before they stick needles in me. Honestly, I've never been afraid of needles, I think it's more fear to fail the blood pressure test than the drainage of blood that causes the bad scores.

I finally remembered to bring the 50 euro book vouchers K bought me a some time ago, unless we decide to do something else - like go to the spa, I might stop by the American Book Center tomorrow and blow the lot! For some reason I woke up at 7 AM this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so at least my legs are shaved in case we do go to the spa. Unlike the one we shared with A and her friend in Spa itself in April. It's one of those things I put off. I always wear long trousers, so it's not really that important, it might be a bit embarrassing if I had a one-night stand, but the odds of that are slim.

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