Tuesday, 18 August 2009

back to black-and-white

After I got home, threw off my clothes, put on something a bit more comfortable, had a couple of sandwiches and sat down in front of the TV in my comfy chair with my feet on the coffee table, with a scarf I'm crocheting in my lap.

I only recently discovered that a channel I rarely watch (it's called Cultura) was broadcasting Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts. The one being shown today was a tribute to Shostakovich on his birthday, playing his ninth symphony and giving pointers as to why it was funny.

They're entertaining and educational, especially for those who have had no formal training in music-appreciation before. Do any of my US readers remember seeing these? (The re-runs, obviously.)

Unfortunately I couldn't find a video for tonight's episode ("I don't know much about classical music but I do know what I like." - I like Russian composers), but this is part of the one I watched last night, it's an introduction to jazz, much like Peter and the Wolf is for classical music:

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