Saturday, 1 August 2009

Amsterdam is ready

The boats are two- and three- EDIT: and four-thick at the sides of the canal, people are standing on the sides and bridges. Some have brought fold-out chairs, others have decorated boats or railings with garlands and balloons, pink being the predominant colour. Lots of boats are still circling the canals, soaking up the atmosphere. Down in front of me eight guys in a boat have donned identical red shorts and white muscle shirts emblazoned with "Gaywatch".

The Gay Pride Canal Parade will start in 90 minutes. The diversity of the people out there is encouraging; it may be a gay event, but we're all invited to the party and we're going to celebrate, damn it!

I'm at P and M's, looking down on all the commotion. All the windows are open and the noise coming in is already impressive. All the pllants have been cleared from the window sills so that people may sit in them. It's just the three of us so far, but P invited everybody he knew in The Netherlands, because this is also his farewell party. On Tuesday he'll set off for a trip to Bristol, London, New York, San Diego and LA before returning to Sydney.

Just witnessing the break-up of their seven-year relationship is painful. They're both trying to stay civil about it, but you can sense all the hurt and anger just below the surface. To be honest I never planned to stay more than one night here. Under the guise of taking the drunk home, I'm hoping to go over to K's with him and stay the night there.

P can be fun, but even on the eve of his departure there's only so much of him that I can handle. Last night I had to make the sofa bed and actually get in it before - eventually - he gave up and went to bed. Apparently he woke up M and talked at him for another hour and a half... But I will miss him.

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Willym said...

The Canal parade sounds like fun. Witnessing a break-up is difficult - you wish you could do something but...

Happy Pride...