Sunday, 19 July 2009

she keeps her Moet & Chandon

Today is K's last birthday before the big Four-Oh. Since I'm not sure how keen he'll be on celebrating that one, I decided to bring him a bottle of champagne to mark this one. By some good fortune he happened to have strawberries to make it complete, so we had a lazy champagne breakfast.

He's left me now to have brunch with a brand manager from Heineken. He thought she might want to have some one-on-one time and that's fine by me - I can finish watching True Blood. I suppose I could've downloaded it at home, but he's already got it on his Apple TV and I'm lazy. "Naturally sedentary", K said just this morning, one of the nicer ways he put it - he doesn't deserve me as his fag bangle, he truly doesn't.

Last night K, myself and his ex R went to check out the refurbished - finally! - April. It does look pretty good, although I don't know why it had to take that long... (apparently the wait wasn't all about redecorating) After a couple of drinks K and I went home to watch Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World. I saw two out of three parts, that's three hours of it, before my eyes started to droop.

K got his second wind and went out again. There was a drag show at Prik that he promised somebody he'd watch. One of the guys behind the bar, I think. I was just too tired. I heard him com back and then a few times when he came in for a drink or some food (he doesn't eat during the day, he raids the fridge at night), but other than that, I slept straight through until my normal weekend time of 10AM.

It's better out than yesterday, which is good because I left my umbrella at the station at home. I put it in the corner when I was buying a ticket and left without it. Fortunately it didn't rain after that, although it was cloudy and grey. Right now the sun's shining and there is a parade of boats out on the canal behind me. It's about half canal boats full of tourists and half smaller boats filled with locals.

Right now I can hear one of the canal boats take a left turn (it's very tight, you can hear the motor working hard, but those things can turn around their own axis) and the clip-clopping of hooves from the horse pulling one of the oh-so-touristy, I mean romantic, carriages that goes around town.

PS. I know Moet is not spelled correctly, but I don't know how to do diacritical characters on K's (or anybody's) iMac...

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