Sunday, 26 July 2009


Joe's trip down the memory lane of 80's music has landed him on something called the Earons, can't say I've ever heard of them, but it does remind me of this:

"This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us, Earthmen."

I obviously didn't get to watch Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons when it was first shown on TV in the 1960's, but the BBC repeated it many years later.

At least SPECTRUM, the organisation that protects Earth, doesn't steep to such gimmicks as naming all their members by decimals (although goodness knows what the Mysterons call each other). Instead they use such perfectly normal names as Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Black, Captain Magenta, Captain Ochre, etc. SPECTRUM is lead by Colonel White. There is an insidious rumour that he is so named because white comprises all the colours of the spectrum, but that is frankly too absurd to even contemplate...

By the way, here's the definitive reason humans shouldn't go to Mars:

The Mysteron base may be seen in the above clip, the Mysterons themselves however are invisible. Another one of those rumours says that creator Gerry Anderson didn't want to be proven wrong when Martians turned out to be three feet tall and green.

But if you must have some music, why not try Portishead's Mysterons:

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