Sunday, 19 July 2009

mouse update


K has caught another three since the one Sunshine trapped in the toaster and there are at least another three around the apartment. One of them fled out of the apartment last night as soon as K opened the door, though, so I think it's getting less attractive for them.

He blocked one hole behind the dishwasher and now they have to go around the kitchen cabinets, out in the open. As the one I mentioned fled, I was keeping an eye on another two. I was fascinated because they seem to be of different species. One is like the mouse pictured above, which, apparently is a common house mouse. All of the others I've seen have a much shorter body, they're almost like a semi-circle of fur, with a slightly pointy front for the nose.

K asked me to stop by the hardware store for some mouse traps yesterday, but they were already closed by the time I got to Amsterdam. He's got some pieces of duct tape lying sticky side up on the counter top, but they don't seem to stop the mice much less stop them.

Although... I haven't seen any of them around yet today.

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