Sunday, 19 July 2009

In charge

Was it last week that I posted how well-rested I felt? I wonder how I'll feel in the morning tomorrow.

I'm still on my way home from K's, I guess I'll be there around 8.30, well on time to wind down and go to sleep. But I'm a little nervous, seeing as my boss is off work for the next three weeks, the other senior employee on our team has his two-weekly day off and we're struggling with a huge backlog thanks to a major failure in our most important system.

We caught up a little at the end of last week - I worked five extra hours in the last three days despite taking Wednesday afternoon off, I came back in the evening - but there's still some way to go. I'm determined not to be nervous over our morning team talk. It's nothing serious anyway.

But I'd like to be awake and at work on time...

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