Saturday, 25 July 2009


One of my colleagues is eagerly expecting the opening of a Starbucks at the train station next to our office building.*

She's the first to admit she doesn't like coffee.

According to another colleague, the reason there were no Starbucks in The Netherlands until now, is that they get supplied by Douwe Egberts and that deal includes that DE gets exclusivity in this country. But apparently something has changed.

Perhaps it's the work of the husband of one of the few families to attend our little UU Fellowship in Amsterdam. I have to admit I almost laughed in his face when he told me his job is to develop Starbucks in The Netherlands. I didn't think it would take off. I still don't. Or maybe that's wishful thinking.

But now my favourite catholic priest had posted about the very same company unbranding, that is starting little coffee shops under different names so that there's no obvious connection to the big brand. In the USA, that is - over here they don't seem to have such qualms...

PS. The tiles at the station are more an off-white, but there's a tinted roof overhead making it look in certain spots like you're at a swimming pool.

PPS. This is directly across from the soon-to-open Starbucks: a perfectly adequate coffee shop. Come to think of it, it might not be such a bad idea to have Starbucks there. I will take great delight in buying an good cup of actual coffee at CaféT and enjoying it in front of Starbucks... Of course in the bottom left of the sign it says in green letters Simon Lévelt. They're the ones I buy my coffee from at home, there's a shop just down the street. It seems tiny, but they've got everything. About a dozen of different beans and they grind it to your specifications.

You can see some of the green glass in this picture.

* EDIT: I should have mentioned this is the first one in The Netherlands outside Schiphol Airport and the Nike HQ, the latter isn't open to the general public at all and the former requires passport check.


Willym said...

No Starbucks yet in Italy - I can just see the Italian reaction if they were to try!!!!!!

Penny said...

Yes, there are Suckbucks in Australia, but only for those who take coffee by enema. Thank heaven for Italian migrants downunder. And Greeks. ...Turks, Arabic nations, French...