Friday, 5 June 2009

What I did last weekend

Yes, I know it's Friday by now, but if you look at the below, you'll see why I did little more than work, crash on the sofa and sleep since Tuesday. I'm sorry I didn't post a "Places I remember" story last Sunday, it was just too hectic. This was originally written on Monday:

Today is the final day of a three-day weekend and the weather has been absolutely glorious. So what did I do? Here's the short version:

  • slept in on Saturday
  • took a bath
  • ironed one t-shirt
  • packed my pajamas
  • walked more than halfway to the station
  • realized I left my phone at home
  • went back, grabbed the phone and walked all the way to the station
  • took an enormous detour because rail traffic was only going west; east was blocked due to scheduled maintenance
  • arrived at K's where it was decided we'd head over to D's
  • got the tour of D's apartment
  • helped K pick up six bottles of wine and ended up paying for them
  • "Everybody knows you live forever..."
  • discussed the placement of the John O'Carroll triptych D bought last week
  • measured the space between her sofas for an oval glass coffeetable
  • caught a tram towards Leidseplein with R, because I'd arranhed to spend the night with P and M
  • stayed up until 2.30 as M was showing off the software he sells using data I need to analyse for work
  • slept on their sofabed which still is more comfortable than K's

  • was wide awake at 9.30 AM for some strange reason
  • went to Chinatown with P, looking for pho amongst other things
  • found every toko and supermarket closed because of the holiday
  • had some wonderful crisp sea bass with three spicy sauces; P had larb kai, which was a little less spicy than he would have liked
  • spent the afternoon glazing several of P's sculptures, including one I picked out for myself; I call him "Death", there's even room for a scythe
  • death is a very, very dark grape colour
  • had drinks with some of P's friends from Dutch class
  • left with K, Sunshine and M for some peace and quiet
  • did not pay an extortionate - and I'm quite sure illegal - fare to the cab driver on the Leidseplein
  • watched Milk with the above minus the cabbie
  • watched Wolverine with K, Sunshine and TomTom
  • did something that is generally known by one letter
  • went home with TomTom so I could sleep in his roommate's bed rather than K's sofa
  • caught a cab that charged regular fares (TCA rocks)
  • chatted with the driver whilst TomTom got cigarettes at a gas station; he has a pass for Central Station, but he hasn't been there in six months because there and on the Leidseplein is where the cabbies are all crooked
  • on either side of TomTom's front door the working girls behind the windows greeted him
  • laughed at him trying not to disturb the couple downstairs, but continually dropping things (a full plastic half-liter bottle of Dr Pepper, a cigarette lighter, a glass full of Coke
  • helped mop up the glass and Coke
  • stepped in a shard of glass
  • bled
  • mopped up the blood
  • was introduced to a drug more addictive than crack cocaine or heroin (not that I've ever tried those or feel inclined to do so)
  • discovered a talent for MarioKart on wii
  • scored 116 and 112 bowling
  • beat TomTom in my first ever try at golf on the wii
  • fouled three times at the triple jump (I can't get that third jump timed correctly)
  • made a complete mess at the trampoline
  • went back to MarioKart, but by now it was 6AM so we took a sleeping pill and waited for it to take effect whilst still playing
  • felt a bit fuzzy round the edges, but not sleepy
  • my performance suffered only slightly
  • got warm and fuzzy again, this time from something else with only one initial
  • went to bed at 8.51 AM thinking I might need some time to relax first but fell asleep immediately

  • when I woke up at 2 PM, TomTom reported the same
  • we each took a shower
  • he went to the supermarket, I went into town
  • called K, didn't get a reply
  • headed for the station, figuring he was either asleep or having sex
  • decided to take the train towards Utrecht, figuring a short bus trip provided by the rail company was better than the long detour I took before
  • sat in the bus in a traffic jam for what felt like hours although it probably was thirty minutes
  • got a call from Sunshine confirming I was correct in my earlier assumption about K
  • walked home, arriving in a positively cool apartment
  • took off all my clothes and lay on the sofa
  • browsed the directory on the external hard-drive K said I should take with me and check out
  • clicked one of the movies in the "Adult Video" directory at random
  • laughed out loud when I realised I'd seen (at least part of) it before

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Willym said...

as Lady Bracknell says: A life crowded with incident!