Sunday, 7 June 2009

Stood up

It was Sunday morning and I had serious trouble getting up. But I promised my friends I'd meet them for lunch at noon in Amsterdam. "I've got the bagels, you bring the cream cheese," I believe the exact wording was.

So I dragged myself out of bed a little after my alarm went off at nine AM, took a shower to feel a bit more human and managed to catch a train that would make me twenty minutes early. As opposed to the next one, which would make me ten minutes late - something that would just never do for my Dutch family.

Now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm cold and shivering, sitting outside the coffeeshop around the corner from K's. I called him when I first got off the train - no reply. Then I called P, both to check up on his progress and to warn him - no reply.

I had a cup of coffee across from the station and finished my book. Just before we were supposed to meet, I walked over to K's apartment and rang the doorbell several times. The problem is, that when no-one opens the door, you don't know why. Are they shagging, or simply asleep? I called K's phone - no reply. I called Sunshine's - no reply. I called P's - no reply.

Since there was the possibility of sex in progress, I decided to give them a bit more time, but after half an hour of freezing my ass off on a windy street corner*, I decided I was going in, no matter what. (In fact, this is the point when I realised I'd forgotten the cream cheese, but there's a cheese shop five steps away.) I have keys so I would have gotten in anyway, but gave them the annoying doorbell treatment first. It worked a treat.

When I reached upstairs the apartment door was still locked and they were both in bed again. K told me he'd get up in fifteen minutes. It sounds loke he's kept his word. Still no sign of P, though, perhaps he couldn't decide what to wear. If anyone deserves to be called a peacock it's him. In fact nothing would make him happier than to wear one!

* yes, I could have gone inside, but although I'm not averse to a joint once in a while - as long as there's no tobacco, in fact I bought one whilst I was there - I don't care for the smoke.


Boy About Town LB said...

After reading you posting I suddenly feel the need for a bagel, care to join me...LOL

SubtleKnife said...

Thanks, but right now I'm stuffed. I just had dinner with P, M and a former neighbour of theirs.