Wednesday, 3 June 2009

it's a global market - isn't it?

Another e-mail I just received:
Hello everyone,

The single 'Did you see me coming?' is out this week. You can buy the digital bundles from iTunes and for this week only Did you see me coming? will be locked to a brand new remix B side for just 79p.

There are three bundles with different remixes and B sides, each costing 79 UK pence. Against my better judgement, I clicked one of the links and, oh joh!, it didn't just take me to iTunes, it asked if I wanted to go to the UK iTunes Store. Could it be true?

Of course not. I don't get it. If there was ever a reason for marketing different songs in different countries, that surely has gone out the window in today's 24-hour economy. If I weren't so pissed off that my enjoyment of the songs is ruined, I would just go and find them somewhere else - for free!

Perhaps they won't be available today, but soon they'll be out there and although I would have gladly paid 2,7 EUR (3,8 USD) for the six songs, by that time my anger may have receded...

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Anonymous said...

I made the smart move of marrying an American, so we have UK and US accounts. The price differential isn't that surprising for songs/albums, but what does get me is that some material is only available on one site or the other. It makes no sense to limit people's choice in a global economy.

Hey ho.