Sunday, 17 May 2009


If you love puppies - and who doesn't? - you MUST visit Willy or Won't He?, where Willym has some marvellous videos of Nick and Nora.

I didn't really get the name reference, I have to admit, but somehow the fact that they had a terrier named Asta makes me suspect I must have seen at least one of the Thin Man movies. I should investigate...

Here are a couple more pictures of my favourite puppy, Kayo:

how to climb a park bench

you can wake Kayo in the middle of the night for his food


Willym said...

now that is one adorable big puppy and N&N say thanks for the shout out! You really should take a look at the Thin Man movies they are wonderful.

evilganome said...

Actually, the book "The Thin Man" is really great. It's by Dashiell Hammett and is a fun read. I'm quite a fan of the hard boiled detective novels of the 30's and 40's.