Sunday, 26 April 2009

mix-tape, erm... CD

My friend P is totally outrageous. From his outfits to his voice to what he actually says, there is no mistaking him for anything but fa-bu-lous. He's a really sweet guy.

Two or three times now I've seen him perform to this crazy and extremely explicit song on CD - which I can't remember ever hearing anywhere else, nor do I have a clue what it's called or who performs it. However, combined with the mix-CDs he gave K and I over Christmas (it was a very short notice thing, I barely had time to get him and M anything either), I'm inspired to make him a mix-CD of my own.

Just off the top of my hat this is the shortlist so far:

Choke On A Cock - Adam Green
Suck On My Cock - Stephen Lynch
Priest - Stephen Lynch
Gay Messiah - Rufus Wainwright
Ring Of Fire - Pansy Division
Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other - Pansy Division (or perhaps Willie Nelson)
Smells Like Queer Spirit - Pansy Division
The Most Offensive Song Ever - South Park
Nancy Boy - Placebo

I just know there are lots more out there, but my brain refuses to work. Suggestions?

EDIT: I later realised it wouldn't be complete without What? What? In the butt or the Nine Inch Nails song that promises to fuck you like an animal. Come on people, I know you know loads more of these!


Anonymous said...

The Nine Inch Nails song is called Closer

SubtleKnife said...

thanks, I found it on my iPod