Saturday, 4 April 2009

evangelical Unitarian Universalism

It exists.

I'm sitting in a meeting room at a EUU retreat; we've just heard a theme talk by the president of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists and now we're having a discussion about whether we should try to be a World Religion or adopt a local approach, supporting local movements, each with their own cultural background.

One of the examples during the speech was a community in Kenya which turned UU following their minister. As opposed to Joe's remark about smug superiority (my default setting on anything in life anyway) these people are not backward in being forward about going out and telling everyone about Unitarian Universalism. That's so strange!

We are now talking about using Facebook as a way to keep in touch and discuss.


Stash said...

What is this Facebook of which you speak? ;)

I'm half-joking. I haven't been affected by sites like Facebook and MySpace yet. Half wary really of anything that smacks of "Big Brother".

Joe said...

Evangelical UUs. To use an old-fashioned term, I think that is what could be politely referred to as a "mind-fuck."

I don't mind the idea of UU Facebooking, though.

For some reason I prefer to be reminded of the following quote:
Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion.

I had incorrectly associated it with my Vipassana Meditation org (see, rather than the actual source, which is the 11th Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous.