Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Somebody please tell me why I'm up at half past midnight waiting for the e-mail with the manual I spent all night updating to be sent to my work account?

Actually, I know why. There's a roster for this sort of thing, keeping manuals up-to-date, but we have to discuss the time we need with our team leader beforehand. And I know that (1) I'm not going to get half a day to do it and (2) half a day at work wouldn't be enough because there would be too many interruptions, no matter how clear I made it I was not to be disturbed.

This feels like the old days when I edited two magazines, one monthly, the other roughly bi-weekly (it was a matchday magazine). Sometimes I worked until 2 AM, then got up again at 5 to do a bit more work before I went in to... work.

I'm not going to let that happen this time, though. Tomorrow night is the start of a four-day weekend for me.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

it bites

The dog next door is barking incessantly again. It kept me up for some time on Sunday night too.

Damn the slump in the housing market. I wish they'd move out already.


Working next door to the busiest train station in the country and, consequently travelling to and from work by train every day, has its advantages.

On the other hand, some companies seem to be getting desperate. Because of the economic climate or otherwise I can't say.

Coca cola has been there, handing out tiny cans, mostly of Zero which I actually quite like, several times now, I've gotten chewing gum, teabags, even a small can of men's shaving cream, but today tops everything.

They were handing out vegetarian burgers.

Monday, 27 April 2009


Borrowed from xkcd because... because it rocks.


Sunday, 26 April 2009


Let’s make this crystal clear: The Netherlands is the filthiest country in the world, bar none.

Eat that, rest of the world. God hates us more!

God hates windmills
(I can't help but think this picture is emblematic of the Westboro clan. When we Dutch say someone has been hit by a windmill, it means he or she is batshit crazy.)

mix-tape, erm... CD

My friend P is totally outrageous. From his outfits to his voice to what he actually says, there is no mistaking him for anything but fa-bu-lous. He's a really sweet guy.

Two or three times now I've seen him perform to this crazy and extremely explicit song on CD - which I can't remember ever hearing anywhere else, nor do I have a clue what it's called or who performs it. However, combined with the mix-CDs he gave K and I over Christmas (it was a very short notice thing, I barely had time to get him and M anything either), I'm inspired to make him a mix-CD of my own.

Just off the top of my hat this is the shortlist so far:

Choke On A Cock - Adam Green
Suck On My Cock - Stephen Lynch
Priest - Stephen Lynch
Gay Messiah - Rufus Wainwright
Ring Of Fire - Pansy Division
Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other - Pansy Division (or perhaps Willie Nelson)
Smells Like Queer Spirit - Pansy Division
The Most Offensive Song Ever - South Park
Nancy Boy - Placebo

I just know there are lots more out there, but my brain refuses to work. Suggestions?

EDIT: I later realised it wouldn't be complete without What? What? In the butt or the Nine Inch Nails song that promises to fuck you like an animal. Come on people, I know you know loads more of these!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Yahoo! FAIL

Yahoo! FAIL

As you may have noticed, it's Sunday, the nineteenth day of April today.

Apparently somebody forgot to tell Yahoo!

your Yahoo! mail has been delayed

I'm only glancing

I'm a glancer; I read the headlines on other people's newspapers, I try to find out - surreptitiously - what the stacks of photocopied papers, with or without graphs, are about, which books my fellow travellers are reading etc.

The only thing I do not do is read other people's writing.

However I'm not surprised that others are curious when they see me scribbling in my little notebook. Yes, it bothers me, but I try to cover up the more "sensitive" passages with my hands.

Sometimes I forget, though. Like yesterday, when a gentleman glanced at the notebook I first wrote this little story in while we were both getting off a train and the first words he must have read were "whilst trying to enter a public convenience".

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Magic's Prawn

at least that's what I keep thinking I read, thanks to my Australian friends...

Saturday, 4 April 2009

evangelical Unitarian Universalism

It exists.

I'm sitting in a meeting room at a EUU retreat; we've just heard a theme talk by the president of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists and now we're having a discussion about whether we should try to be a World Religion or adopt a local approach, supporting local movements, each with their own cultural background.

One of the examples during the speech was a community in Kenya which turned UU following their minister. As opposed to Joe's remark about smug superiority (my default setting on anything in life anyway) these people are not backward in being forward about going out and telling everyone about Unitarian Universalism. That's so strange!

We are now talking about using Facebook as a way to keep in touch and discuss.