Tuesday, 31 March 2009

the difference

The difference between Christian fundamentalists and myself explained in a fundie's own words:

You have facts and I have the Bible.

I'll take it.

Visit Fundies Say The Darndest Things for more pearls of wisdom.

EDIT: On a related note, I just noticed this:

The White Bear Lake, MN UU congregation used to sell a bumper sticker:

It's easier to be born again that it is to grow up!


evilganome said...

I'm kinda surprised they were able to come up with even that good of an explanation.

Joe said...

I do like that bumpersticker quote but it seems a bit sarcastic, hostile, and critical for UUs... who usually seem to be a bit more reserved in their smug disapproval of things. ;-)

SubtleKnife said...

I know, but I can still be smugly amused over it on my blog, can't I?

Joe said...

Oh, absolutely! And thanks for sharing -- I love it.

That's what I meant: It's the kind of thing that UUs would be smugly amused over in their private lives, but less likely to broadcast to the rest of the world publicly. Discreet superiority and everything... you know the drill. ;-)

Jeff said...

My ex used to say to be careful of people who claim to talk to God, sometimes He says the garnedest things!