Saturday, 7 March 2009

broadcast me a joyful noise

REMVH1 is having an REM Weekend so why leave the house? (By the way, this was a first for me: US green card lottery commercials on TV.) K's cleaning his, I called and no doubt he's now listening to the same songs.

Except of course we have lunch reservations at the Yamazato restaurant, at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, tomorrow, and I wouldn't miss that for the world. They do a wonderful "boxed" lunch for an incredible price. Their website says it's "the only traditional Japanese restaurant in Europe" to have been awarded a Michelin star and with food like theirs, I believe them.

K. went there two weeks ago and came back simply raving about the experience. Last week we met Pete and Mike there, with Pete's friend Patricia and had an absolutely wonderful time. The ambience was perfect (besides the concrete dust-filled lobby due to building work that wasn't sealed off properly), sake flowed and the company was fantastic - except for Petey, who was fa-bu-lous in his newly-arrived wardrobe (it took months on a sea container and a lot of organising to get it from there to their home. Pete ended up sending the huge truck the company were sending to a construction site outside the city center where their things were reloaded unto some guy's van. Which could actually navigate the inner city. I believe the big truck could probably have fit through their street - if you measure from wall to wall...)


Although we had already booked in advance, it was also a celebration for Michael finding a job. He's only been eligible to work in this country since the end of last year, when all employers were holding off until the new year. In fact, the job market only really started going in February.

Afterwards we immediately booked the same table and six weekend lunch specials for this Sunday. I adore the whole international aspect of this as well: beside me, a Cloggy, as Mike would say, there's Pete the Australian (with a British passport on the side, which means he could go to work here straightaway), Mike is a Kiwi with an Australian passport, K the American, Patricia the Brazilian and K's houseguest comes from Austria. Together in wonderful Japanese surroundings that almost make you forget you're in The Netherlands.

aside: Shit, fire truck racing by my window lights blazing and siren blaring (better than stopping, I suppose, but seeing any of the emergency services always gives me a bad feeling.)

VH1 seems to have a strange interpretation of weekend, so I started to look for another channel. Then I got distracted. In the background now, a well-known Dutch TV personality and musical producer is being put in the spotlight (in the UK the program is called This Is Your Life, I believe, they surprise someone and take them to the studio where a host of people are paraded past him or her to tell stories about this person's life.) The last one to appear this time was his husband. It was so beautiful, thoughtful and eloquent how he spoke about his partner when asked why he fell in love with him.

As Joe(MyGod) would say: "I love my people". Because even though they're only mine through adoption, I do. (Aside from Patricia and myself all the friends mentioned in this post are "family".)

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