Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Because I'm not allowed to say I'm pissed by Rich.

Because I really have to pee.

Because it's a quarter to 1AM already and I'm not home yet.

Because I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Because there is no bathroom at this train station (Woerden).

Because there are no direct trains between Utrecht and Gouda after 11:45.

Because we came fifth out of 27 in Mick Connell's one-off St. Patrick and Irish knowledge pub quiz.

Because there were only four of us.

Because per capita we won.

Because I never go to the bathroom on trains.

Because train bathrooms are even filthier than usual after a long day.

Because none of us were Irish. (One French, one English, one Australian and one Dutch.)

Because I have to get up at 5:30AM.

Because I had a very stressful day at work.

Because I forgot to go before I left.

Because I'll never make it home on foot without wetting myself.

Because there are never any taxis at the station when I need them.

Because I should have gone to Amsterdam and spent the night with K instead of trying to get home.

As expected, there was no cab. When I called for one, the dispatcher told me it would be fifteen to twenty minutes. But when I thanked him and said I'd walk, he suggested that if I had the correct fare, he could come pick me up himself, even though he wasn't really supposed to leave his post until later, when it was quieter (as if it could get any deader in Gouda than it already was).

Also, after several months in town, I now know that it's possible to get from the station to my place within the starter tariff (7,50 euro), so woe on any taxi driver whoe tries to shaft me.


Willym said...

But the bigger question is: did you get to pee?

SubtleKnife said...

Yup, in the comfort of my own bathroom at quarter past one AM.

more cowbell said...

You were robbed on the pub quiz. Robbed.