Wednesday, 25 February 2009

sweet mercy!

Hey MJ :) wonder if you could give me a hand with a little bit of dutch translation - tis from a 13th century monastic manuscript so some of the words might not be the same now, but they hopefully will be similar enough that you could give me the gist of what is said?

ic bid de genaden foeten lief ic fen defe ti brief onti at.

This is a comment my dear friend Gothy left on the previous post, which, although I have no training in Middle Dutch, I shall attempt to translate... First I'll try to break it down. (Actually, first I changed some of the f's into s's: ic bid de genaden soeten lief ic sen dese ti brief onti at.)

ic bid - I pray, I hope
de genaden foeten - the sweet mercies
lief - sweet, gladly, dear, although I'm wondering if it means "to grant" here
ic fen defe ti brief - I send you this letter
onti at - could be "to you" again, not quite sure about 'at'.

I am slightly guessing, but if I had to give an answer, it would be this:
I pray the sweet mercies to grant this letter I send reaches you.

I hope that's at least close enough to the context of Gothy's manuscript. Of course any help will be appreciated.

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Gothy said...

Thats great thanks :)