Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine' s Day

Yeah, yeah, it's a pathetic excuse to flog roses, cards and chocolates, I know. But this song Joe posted is nice anyway.

In fact I'm downloading the songs from Tom Goss' website right now. 21 Songs for 16 euros is not bad, is it? Where I don't have much of a problem illegally downloading stuff from major artists that I sort of like but wouldn't have bought the physical album if that were the only option, I feel I must support the lesser-known ones

What else? O yes, go for Willym's blog for a good Valentine's laugh.

Other than that... I had a fantastic dinner with my Australian friends last night, for starters P had a terrine of confit duck with smoked chicken, port syrup and a compôte of apple and raisins. I had the salad of smoked trout, apple and marinated fennel with a fishegg mayonaise and white wine dressing. Just when we were ready for the main M joined us. He and I both had the guinea fowl with a green peppercorn and cognac sauce and steamed onion compôte, whilst P had the grilled pork with pancetta and sage sauce and saurkraut mash. For dessert I chose the naughty option of cheesecake with red fruit and a blueberry sauce and M had the dessert of the day, which I managed to read out loud from the blackboard across the room last night, but of which I can only remember it was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream now.

The wine wasn't half bad either, I made a note of it, not least because P may very well call me from the shop asking what it was. It was a 2007 prestige Alsatian pinot gris from Ribeauvillé, demi-sec, yet with a delicious honey aftertaste. Even P, who is a smoker, was enthusiastic about it.

It was getting quite late, but we decided to have a cocktail before moving on to the station. P, as usual, was steaming ahead, whilst M and I were following a few feet behind. They had just told me during dinner that P sometimes teases M when he repeats himself by calling him by his mother's name, so when P was telling me about something for about the fourth time that night, I turned to M and asked "What was your mother's name again?" That earned me a hearty "Fuck you!" from P, who was just walking through a group of north african-looking kids. One of the boys went after him because he thought it was directed at his (girl)friend. I jumped in. Sometimes P is just so oblivious of his surroundings. The girl caught up and she and I got involved in a shouting match of sorts, but at least the situation was suitably deflated for us to move on.

At the bar P completely ignored M and I - we entertained ourselves with Latitude and Google maps on my phone - as he chatted to a woman. As she left (her boyfriend feeling thoroughly ignored), she gave him her card and it turns out she works at the same company I do.

Tonight we're going to see Hotel Modern's shrimp tales. I'm curious.


Willym said...

That sounds like such a great dinner... though Italian food is wonderful, it really is, there are times when it would be nice to branch out. But here they think a rollup is exotic foreign fare!

Sounds like you're having a good weekend so far - and almost getting into a street bust up...

evilganome said...

Sounds like a terrific dinner!

I hope the rest of your weekend shapes up nicely. Though perhaps without the shouting matches.

Nice catch on the repeating himself instance by the way!