Sunday, 18 January 2009

my cheesiest post ever

I love cheese. I've always loved cheese, but growing up there was very little variety. In fact, the only variety was the age of the Gouda, which you can get in big blocks in any supermarket. I have no idea how to classify these in English. I remember the embarrassment K. suffered once when we overheard an American tourist ask what the difference was between young and old cheese. The answer is, of course, at least nine months:

4 weeks: young
8-10 weeks: semi mature
16-18 weeks: mature
7-8 months: extra mature
10-12 months: ripe*
16 months or more: overripe

* the literal translation would be old, but I wanted to make the link with the last category.

This Christmas K. and I spent with a couple of lovely guys who moved to Amsterdam from Australia. I'd met them at Prik a few times, but after that and New Year's Eve, I'm honoured to call them friends. Nibbles at their place generally means a nice cheese platter. I have ventured beyond just the Gouda from my youth and I'm happy to have found soulmates.

In my fridge right now:
  • some Parmigiano Reggiano, obviously
  • a blue cheese cheekily called "Delft blue" which I had to try in honour of my old home town
  • a really nice and creamy Italian soft white cheese the name of which I can't remember, a very
  • and of course - I live there now! - a big block of semi mature Gouda.
Strangely enough no goat's or sheep's cheeses at the moment...


sageweb said...

I am a cheese lover also. Our family has raclette as our traditional dinner for gathering together..very yummy.

Joe said...

Mmmmmmmm, if the creamy Italian cheese is called taleggio, it's very yummy indeed. Also very... aromatic.

I try to avoid buying too much at the cheese shop because I should probably cut down a bit on the butterfat. Not getting any younger (me, not the cheese).

SubtleKnife said...

I'm Dutch, whatever I do, no way am I going to cut down on bread and cheese. My friend M. told me this morning he was starting to turn into a real cloggie too, with all the cheese he's eating.

(His partner P. doesn't want him to use the word cloggie, but obviously M. has read The Undutchables and it's stuck.)

This morning P. made us pancakes, though...