Thursday, 15 January 2009

me times three

golden brownAs promised, here are some pictures of me with the new hair colour. It's gold "light golden brown" and I was very worried about doing the highlights myself. It proved very fiddly, but in the end I believe that made it look less structured and therefore more natural. Light streaks at regular intervals are a dead giveaway for a bad dye-job - unless it's meant ironically, of course. Unfortunately I'm rather pessimistic of most people's capacity for irony...

Now all I need is a haircut. I don't think I'm going for the do-it-yourself route on that.


Then I found a post by the marvellous Joe.My.God. about making a Shepard Fairey-like icon of your own picture, to look like the famous Barack Obama poster. Here's my effort, doesn't it make me look so much better than the original?

Subtle Obamicon
Try it yourself at Obamicon.Me.


Willym said...

okay the blue hair with the red highlights... that has to go! But seriously the new, more natural, color looks great.

sageweb said...

wow, that is a great job, it looks very professional...I pay 120 us dollars for that kind of work on my head.