Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, my darlings, I'm off to work in a few, I'm just getting ready for a Christmas busier than* I've ever experienced. They just were never that big a deal in my family and I suspect overall Christmas isn't as big over here as they are in other countries. (Thanks to Calvin.)

After work I'll be going directly to K's in Amsterdam, because tonight we're going to a party at Prik's very own DJ Gina's house, tomorrow we'll be spending with a wonderful couple from down under and on Boxing Day we're set to have drinks with a bunch of UUs at our minister's house.

Gotta go and check I have enough clean underwear.

Merry Christmas!


* I finally bought Michael Tollive Lives yesterday and in the back are short profiles of the other Tales of the City books. In one of them it says something like "they got more then they expected". (At least it wasn't in the book itself, but still... Ouch!)


Willym said...

Have a wonderful three days. Buono natale e auguri.

Baci di Roma

Will and Laurent

Pogonophile said...

Have a nice one. X

evilganome said...

A very merry Xmas, MJ! Have a great time.

sageweb said...

Have a great holiday!! or holidays

Salty Miss Jill said...

What a lovely day and days to follow. Have fun!

Joe said...

Wishing you a Gelukkig Kerstdag (or however it's spelled) & best wishes for ringing in 2009.