Wednesday, 10 December 2008

apology to cows

Sunday, December 7

On the train to Amsterdam, empty fields have been replaced by forests of office buildings. I forgot my Precious and feel isolated. My ankle hurts less although I aggravated it yesterday by driving (took a long time to get comfortable in bed last night because of the nagging pain) and this morning getting on my bike - must remember not to extend my toes, on purpose or by accident.

Two jackdaws sitting on a railing at a train station, all fluffed up to keep warm. One moves closer to its companion. Could one keep them? I would only do it if I had a large aviary. Space I don't have.

There is also a pretty little church next to the station and next to that, a small patch of green field, cut through by steel spikes of water. Relics of an older age, a way of life that no longer exists in the surrounding neighbourhoods and office parks.

The sun is shining today, like the Roman Pantheon the sky is covered by grey clouds on the horizon but the warm rays shine through the opening at the top of the dome.

City living. I couldn't live in the countryside, I love having shops and restaurants nearby, not to mention doctors, pharmacies, cashpoints, public transport. And people. They don't have to talk to me, but I love watching them.

Maybe I'm doing cows a big disservice now.


Willym said...

I've always thought that the countryside should be enjoyed.. from the window of a train!

evilganome said...

What Willym said. And I should know, I grew up in cow country.