Wednesday, 1 October 2008

transcending mystery and wonder

flaming chaliceI was supposed to organise next week's UU service, but another member apparently thought so too. He has prepared a service around a sermon titled "The experience of transcending mystery and wonder in daily life" and I'm very much looking forward to it.

I also appreciate the mystery that has allowed me some more time to write the sermon that K. will be giving and choose the texts and hymns. It shouldn't be too hard, since we UU's seem to be pretty good at signalling problems and adressing them. The UUA, with whom we are affiliated, has a book that spans 400 pages describing its Social Justice Statements from 1961 to the present. You can find a search engine and link to the .pdf file on this page.

Our Fellowship is very small and it would be insane to even think about matching the UUA's efforts, but we can definitely do more (and make it more structured) than we are now. So I will be proposing that we as the members choose a couple of fields of special interest, from each of which we could then pick one project to support, through a financial donation or in kind.

I'm already a UUSC first responder, by the way. It's focus areas - besides humanitarian crises - are civil liberties, economic justice and enviromental justice.

PS. On a completely different note: should I get a flaming chalice tattoo? In my mind the circles and the chalice are silver, with the flame bursting through the confines of its surroundings and a glow (plus more flames, lifelike, not stylised) all around it.

EDIT: Did anyone else get Paul Simon's Boy In A Bubble stuck in their head after this post?
These are the days of miracle and wonder
This is the long distance call


sageweb said...

Oh wow a tattoo..and that one sounds cool. I say yes...but I shouldnt vote since I have no tattoo yet.

evilganome said...

I say go for the tattoo, but then this is me talking.

I didn't get Boy in Bubble and now I have an earworm.

Willym said...

Depends on where you going to get it? As in on what part of your body, not what tattoo parlor. And how big?

But what the hell its your body - go for it!

SubtleKnife said...

Because of some of the detail I want (realistic flames) it's getting bigger and bigger, but I'd like to keep it down to a maximum of three inches and I think it would go on my shoulder.

As for which parlor, there are some good ones in Amsterdam, apparently, although I know very little about these things.