Friday, 24 October 2008


Amidst all the uproar over his courageous stand against his bishop and his following suspencion Father Geoff Farrow made me laugh earlier this week. Here's his suggestion for straight men who want to know why marriage equality is important when domestic partnership is available:

try this: Inform your girlfriend that you've decided you'd like to enter into a Domestic Partnership with her, instead of marriage. I am certain that she will be able to explain the HUGE difference between the two realities in a far more forceful and colorful way than, I would ever be able to accomplish.

He also advises the gentlemen to wear a protective cup.


sageweb said...

That is a good come back...I actually had someone ask me what the big deal was...about getting married...I didnt even bother explaining.

more cowbell said...

Ha! That's good.