Saturday, 11 October 2008

international appeal

flagsI had no idea how international the appeal of my blog is. Just look at the last ten visitors to my blog: Italy, The Netherlands (that one's me, actually), The Netherlands again, Qatar, Japan, India, Canada, Yemen (the flag looks a lot like The Netherlands when they're this small) and the USA (twice, the second one didn't fit in the screencap, one was from Illinois, the other Nebraska).

So what do I do now to fill up all of this space? That's the appeal of blogging to me, really, the fact that this screen looks full pretty fast, and even if I do only post a one-liner, because of the other messages on the page it doesn't look so bad.

On the other hand the preview function isn't much help to me. Quite the opposite really. It's not a good reflection of the template lay-out (I assume it's just the bog-standard basic Blogger lay-out that's used for the previews). I really only use it to see if I haven't got any funny code in there. Not that there's any exciting code in these posts, all I do is check if links and pictures are working, if italics have been properly closed etc. That's about the extent of my knowledge of html, but I'm good at copying things, so if I see something interesting, I could use it.

The only problem is that this page soon gets too busy for my tastes. Remember when I had all that stuff in the right-hand column, headlines, my eBay purchases, this day in history? I gave it a try but I just couldn't stand it.

Thinking of flags made me do a little online search and found there are several sets you can download for free. I have no idea if they'll ever be any use to me, but I nabbed these just in case.

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