Sunday, 28 September 2008


me and Obama

Apparently I'm only 3 percent to the left of Barack Obama on economic issues and 3% more socially progressive. (Of course it doesn't say what the percentages are of, exactly.) So yeah, me and Obama, we're like this.

Anyhow, I took this test to tell me exactly what I already knew, namely that I agree with Obama far more than I agree with McCain. It's a bit worrying that they drew a circle around my results that actually touches the y-axis. They think I would vote for a centrist?

O yes, it also included a section on how knowledgeable, trustworthy, intelligent, decisive and a few more categories you deemed Obama, McCain, Clinton (Hillary) and Dubya. These were then represented as school grades: Obama and Clinton both scored an A-, McCain got a C+ and Dubya a big fat stinkin' F.

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sageweb said...

I was on top of Obama for the test..and I scored high for obama on the test.