Monday, 1 September 2008


100,000 Grandfathers* hardly seems long enough, given that it took about 50 million Grandfathers** to get from a bacterium to the first chimpanzee.
Something that dramatic needed a new trick. That trick was the invention of culture.

* A time measure we developed in The Science of Discworld as a 'human. Way of measurin.g large amounts of time. It's 50 years, a 'typical' age has between grandparent and grandchild. Most of the really interesting bits of human development have taken place in the last 150 Grandfathers. Remember - objects if the rear view mirror are closer than thaw appear.

** Most of them being Grandfather bacteria, you appreciate. That's the trouble with metaphors.

Bacteria don't have culture?

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joe said...

I hope you will give Creationism equal time amongst your secular screeds that seem to take as fact the mere unproven "theory" of evolution!