Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Some of my friends (K!) will be shocked to read this:

I lit the heater today and it's up way high...


sageweb said...

Oh goodness I cant even imagine using a heater. Suppose to be 93 F. here today...I don't think it got that hot all summer. I didn't use a heater all last winter..I am hoping for the same this winter...but I do love the coziness.

Willym said...

They don't turn on the central heating until later this month - so we've had the space heater on just to take the chill off. Problem with concrete and marble is ... its bloody cold!

I am not pissed with sage. I am not pissed with sage. I am not pissed with sage.

SubtleKnife said...

I think I live in a country where everybody wants to "damn well turn on my own heating when I damn well please", so most buildings are built to accomodate that..

I've been pretty frugal the last few years, only heating one room, really, with a pilot light in the kitchen and my bedroom to keep the frost off. (And turning up the heat in my bedroom for a few minutes before I turned in for the night.)

I'll probably have to be frugal again when I've got my apartment, but at least that's a lot smaller. But for now I'm living it large here... ;-)

BBC said...


You like to spoil yourself while 30 thousand women and children die of starvation on this planet everyday?

Eat to live, not live to eat. I often only eat once a day, and send checks to MY HELP OTHERS

BBC said...

Okay, I didn't link title right during a brain fart, but the link still works if you right click on it and select to open in a new window.

Gotta love those brain farts, I seem to keep having more of them.

BBC said...


* journalism
* fantasy
* fiction
* history
* movies
* music
* non-fiction
* reading
* science fiction
* sex
* writing

I don't do much fiction, non-fiction is strange enough for me.

Sex is an interest to you? Hell, it's an interest to all of us, why do folks even say that in their profiles when it's a known fact.

All you are saying when you say that in a profile is that, "I'm not getting any, or not getting enough, or it sucks when I do."

Well, I'm not getting any either, haven't for eight years, but I don't say that in my profile.

Hum, where was I going with this brain fart? LOL... Maybe to the point that if you want a stud that you should lose some weight and get in shape or just settle on some overweight friend that will enjoy watching movies and such with you as a friend?

I don't know, I'm just slinging shit on the wall here to see what sticks.

SubtleKnife said...