Sunday, 7 September 2008

bad food allergy

I have a bad food allergy; I'm allergic to bad food.

bad food allergy


joe said...

Haha, you're the type of registrant whose data I hate to see arrive in our system!

Seriously, we ask questions like "Do you have any special dietary needs?" (keep in mind that almost all the food is cafeteria style or banquet buffets where one has a choice). People give laundry-list answers such as: "I don't eat pork, red meat, pine nuts, refined sugar, and am allergic to celery"... as if we will make a special plate just for them!

Actually, your response would make me chuckle and would be a welcome laugh amidst all the borderline stupidity I encounter daily. It reminds me of a coworkers answer to the "special dietary needs?" question: he wrote "I need more fiber."

SubtleKnife said...

This questionnaire was part of the online registration form for a European UU retreat (I shall not be online the weekend of Halloween).

These retreats are usually in youth hostels or similar and the buffet style meals should be judged accordingly. I do understand that they try to make it accessible to people of all purse-sizes...

... but I guess I'm too much of a snob.