Saturday, 16 August 2008

under construction

under constructionIf weird things happen to my blogroll or other parts of this page, it's me playing around and changing a few things.

I'm not happy with the Blog List gadget that Blogger provided. It tries to predict what you want, which isn't too bad, but then it won't let you override it when things go wrong. I tried to stick with it for a few weeks to see if I would change my mind and I haven't. So now I'm changing back to the old Link List feature.

Also, I'm just fooling around with some of the other features, few, if any will stay on this site very long I suspect, but I might want to try out how they look. You tell me which ones you like, which ones you hate and which are just meh. (I already deleted the internet-speak one, though, so if you don't know what "meh" means, tough!) Also, am I missing any blogs or sites that I really ought to know about? Why haven't you told me before?

I think this would be a nice widget for Little David:

Jewish Proverb quotes

PS. I'm also installing 3D Sudoku and possibly MSN Messenger on Precious...

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