Sunday, 3 August 2008

last night I met Ellen

No, not that Ellen, K's new car! She's called Ellen because the Ellen show happened to be on when K asked Sunshine what he should call her - but I like to think it's because Ellen is a Porsche.

Porsche, geddit? We only went into the parking garage, sat down inside her, took the top down and then put it back up again. Then he opened the hood, to show me where the engine wasn't. And the boot, where it wasn't either. It's a really strange sensation.

Anyway, as you may have gathered I went over to Amsterdam yesterday, it was the Gay Pride Canal Parade but I didn't really see any of it. The parade crossed K's canal a bit further down, so I stopped and put my stuff down at his place first, then got lured into sitting down and relaxing for a bit.

We did go out at night, after a quick stop at Ellen's, we went to Prik and then to Vrankrijk, a squatters' bar for a queer night. However, the show was set to start at midnight and K.'s friend's drag act wasn't on until 1 AM. We're not exactly nightowls to begin with, my leg was starting to get tired and K. was starting to get drunker, so we headed off just before the doors closed.

This is the distinctive façade of Vrankrijk, the upper floors were officially bought by a collective or something, but to keep the independent character intact the bar is still officially a squat.


O yes, I had to walk two blocks to find a (working) cash machine to get the 3,50 euro entrance fee, but I did it, for the Belgrade transsexuals.

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