Wednesday, 13 August 2008

don't wait, procrastinate

Unlike the title of this blog would suggest, I'm actually being very good about doing what needs to be done, it just happens that there's so much needing to be done at the moment that I'm having difficulty prioritising. Top of the list right now is finishing a translation for a friend of K's who needs it for his exhibition next month.

We've met once or twice and he was really hard up looking for help (the original writer failed to deliver and then when it was finally done, the translator that had been lined up was on holiday.) He's been very nice and insisting he has to pay me for it, but I like doing this as along as it's only once in a while. I couldn't go back to editing full time, for instance. When we were chatting on the phone a couple of days ago he promised me a bottle of Pimm's, that's payment enough for me. I'm sure we'll have something of an Indian summer that will make it all the more enjoyable to drink.

I'm not sure if the book comes with the exhibition or the exhibition comes with the book, but either way, it needs an introduction and a biography. I've already translated the latter and am putting the finishing touches on the former. I just need to clear my mind once in a while so I can look at a particular sentence with fresh eyes. Right now, that sentence is the last sentence, so I'm not bothered too much about taking a short break to write this.

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